Expectation and result

Report of Food Distribution, July 04, 2020 – Is it time to step up our game?

With your generosity and our ingenuity, we have been increasing the number of food packages given out each week. 

Packages and average

But every week, more people have applied for more packages than for which we have donations. And this moment we are receiving less and less donations 

Cash in and Average Revenue - resized

People’s stories are heart breaking, and it stresses us not to be able to say “Yes” to everyone. We will be able to give out 43 packages on Saturday, July 11, but that’s all as of today. There are still many people waiting for a package of food.

We wonder how much longer we can continue. Of course, we want to, but how? 

Do we continue to limp along from week to week, barely able to give to the neighbors we have accepted into the program, uncertain about the following week? Or is there a better way?

What if we were to establish a more long term program? What if we were to move from a weekly to a monthly plan, and offer opportunities for you to pledge your donations accordingly, as some of you have already done.

To join in such a plan, all you have to do is check this box when making your donation in PayPal.

Make this a monthly payment.

(Click here to make a donation now.)

Thank you for all you do for Dos Rios Neighbors. We want to hear your ideas about how to step up our game by putting our food program on a more long term footing. Please type your ideas into the comments section below.

Last Saturday, July 4 we  expected to distribute 43 packages and  we did – barely. Plus we were able, again, to give pet food thanks to Friends of the Animals of Guanajuato.

If you want to contribute more, let us know what you can do, here.

Thank you to all who contributed money and supplies for that day.

James L.
Jason G.
Susan & Jorge

Dos Rios Neighbors line

Paul M
Sandra W “amigos de los animales”

Thank you to all who volunteered.

Susan C.
Sr. Juan
Sr. Chabelo

Swapping food items

Thank you to Federico for letting us use his space: Taller de Expresión Gráfico Artesanal

As things stand now, we expect to deliver 43 packages this Saturday, July 11th. 
Help us make it happen.

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