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Report of Food Distribution, August 22, 2020 – Expanded mission

Last Saturday, August 22, we were again able to  distribute 44 packages, the same number as four previous weeks. And we expect donations to deliver the same amount next week, August 29, 44 packages. And the following month, of September, we will be launching our expanded mission to help our neighbors improve their skills. Check out our plans.

As we announced last week, e are planning to provide food support once per month, and we asked our neighbors what kind of self-help workshops they would like.. This is what they told us, and  this is what we are doing:

  • Yoga-to stay calm and connect with yourself
  • Kitchen gardening – to grow your own food
  • Dance and folklore – to express yourself and move

Some of the funds will go toward the leadership and the few materials needed for these workshops. But if you want to designate for food only, let us know in PayPal or in person.

So please help us with our ongoing mission.

To make a monthly pledge, all you have to do is check this box when making your donation in PayPal.

Make this a monthly payment.

(Click here to make a donation now.)

Thank you for all you do for Dos Rios Neighbors. We want to hear your ideas, so please type your ideas into the comments section below.

If you want to contribute more, let us know what you can do, here.

Thank you to all who donated for this week.


Susan & Jorge

Paul M.
Sandra W “amigos de los animales”

Distribution line

Thank you to all who volunteered.

Susan C.
Sr. Juan
Sr. Chabelo
Sr. Alberto

Volunteer with questionnaire

Thank you to Federico for letting us use his space: Taller de Expresión Gráfico Artesanal

As things stand now, we expect to deliver 44 packages this Saturday, August 29th. 
Help us make it happen.

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