Dos Rios Neighbors depend entirely upon the help of many individuals. We buy all our supplies locally, and depend on volunteer time to keep our expenses low. These packages contain non-perishable food and supplies valued at $250 Mexican pesos each, or approximately $10 US dollars.

You can send money to the Dos Rios Food fund by credit card or PayPal.

Or if you are a Mexican citizen, and want to make a deposit directly into a Mexican bank or at one of the Oxxo stores,…

…please send us a message letting us know which, and we will send you the appropriate information.

Or you can drop cash off or your own food supplies or package…

…at Taller de Expresión Gráfico Artesanal on Calle Alhóndiga, in Guanajuato, Mexico Thursdays, from Noon to 1pm. (More on this below.)

When and where can you bring the completed packages or imperishable food for distribution?

Bring your packages or imperishable food to the Taller de Expresión Gráfico Artesanal each Thursday from noon to 1PM (only at this time) near the bus stop in Dos Rios where you get the Valenciana bus. Look for the sign that says “Dos Rios Neighbors.” See picture and map. Please use a mask when delivering food.
Dos Rios Sign\\ Map of Dos Rios Neighbors

To make your own food package…

Packages typically include:
  • toilet paper
  • bottle of liquid soap for dishes
  • rice
  • lentils
  • beans
  • pasta
  • cans of tuna
  • cooking oil
  • cookies
  • soap for clothes
  • soap of brand ZOTE for clothes
  • soap for body
  • cereal of corn
  • apples
  • oranges
  • potatoes
To make your effort personal, please also so include a note with a phrase of encouragement for people who will receive the basket. For example: “I hope this package will help you keep your spirits up in these challenging times.” Add your name “__________, a Dos Rios Neighbor.” Contact Us
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